Excerpted from the book Compiled Notes on Clinical Nutritional Products

by Walter H. Schmitt, Jr., D.C.

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The nutrients chosen for this section are basically the same ones that I try to keep in the medicine chests of my own family members.  These nutrients are not to be used in place of consulting the doctor.  But rather, they provide nutritional alternatives for minor health problems for which self-medicating with over-the-counter medications is common procedure.


      Often, the nutritional products mentioned can offer relief which is similar to the more commonly used, but less natural medications.  In some cases, the medications will work more rapidly or more effectively.  In other cases, nutrients supply the body with just what it needs without any of the possible side effects of the medications.


     The amounts suggested here are for adults.  In children, calculate amounts by the child's weight compared to an adult of the same sex.  Use 120 pounds for a female and 150 pounds for a male.  In other words, a girl who weighs 60 pounds would take half the amount of an adult.  A boy of 50 pounds would take one-third the amount of an adult.


     All nutrients discussed should be tasted when taken, NOT JUST SWALLOWED.  REMEMBER, these tablets and capsules are actually FOODS, and like all foods are intended to be tasted.  If they cannot be chewed, one should at least suck on them for 20 to 30 seconds prior to swallowing.  The effect of tasting the nutrients increases their effectiveness many times over just swallowing them.





     These are the nutrients which we use up rapidly when we are sick.  Any cold or flu would warrant extra amounts of A and C.  In acute symptoms, taking these nutrients hourly seems to help.  In lesser severity or in the recovery stages, taking them three to six times per day is recommended.  In sore throats, sucking these tablets until they dissolve often gives good relief.


     A and C combinations have also been useful in cystitis (bladder infections).





     Thymus tissue is important in nearly every infection.  The  thymus gland is the center of the immune system.  It is especially important in any infection that lasts longer than a

week, or for people who get repeated infections throughout the year.  Sucking THYMUS also helps sore throats many times.  As with A and C combinations, one THYMUS per hour in acute infections, six a day during recovery, is a good regimen.  THYMUS seems to be particularly helpful in getting over the chronic cough which often lingers after a chest cold or bronchitis.


     The thymus gland gets run down in people who have chronic allergies.  These allergies are often unsuspected.  Continued need for thymus would indicate a need to consult the doctor about the possibility of allergies to such things as foods, yeast, or molds.


     The thymus gland also gets run down from stress.  That is  why many people get sick after very stressful periods.  We use THYMUS at a rate of three times a day under these circumstances to help prevent infections.





     BCSO can be used when aspirin or similar medications might otherwise be used, except in infections.  In other words, if aspirin, or acetaminophen, or ibuprofen helps, most likely so will BCSO.  All of these substances affect the production of hormones called prostaglandins (PG) which are frequently out of balance resulting in numerous symptoms.  Aspirin and the other medications work by blocking the production of these PG hormones.  BCSO, on the other hand, works to bring the imbalanced PG back into balance.


     Certain headaches, muscle aches, hangovers, some premenstrual symptoms, menstrual cramps (see CALCIUM LACTATE), and other painful or swelling  symptoms can often be helped by one or two BCSO perles.  Dry, flaky skin is often a sign of fat imbalance which BCSO may help.  Two or three perles per day can be used for chronic problems, but if continued use is necessary, the doctor should be consulted for advice on other nutritional measures to improve your fat metabolism.


     When BCSO works for you, you will not want to go back to  using aspirin or the others.





     NATURAL ANTI-HISTAMINES are useful in allergic reactions including food allergies, skin contact allergies, and some bug bites.  In contact allergies and bug bites, NATURAL ANTI-HISTAMINES are not as strong as over-the-counter anti-histamines.  However, typical anti-histamine side effects such as drowsiness are usually not experienced with NATURAL ANTI-HISTAMINES.  Use three tablets daily or up to one per hour depending on symptoms.

     A NATURAL ANTI-HISTAMINE is particularly useful in modifying the mental symptoms of food allergy.  If you get sleepy, headachy, foggy headed, or have difficulty reading or concentrating after a meal, you are very likely experiencing symptoms of food allergy.  Sucking on a NATURAL ANTI-HISTAMINE tablet until it dissolves will often make a great change in these food allergy type symptoms.  If these symptoms persist, the doctor who is up to date on identifying food allergies should be consulted. 




     ALOE VERA OINTMENT is a natural substance which can be 

applied topically to all sorts of skin problems, especially burns.  FAT SOLUBLE CHLOROPHYLL OINTMENT is the absolute best thing for burns but it is EXTREMELY STAINING and will permanently ruin anything it touches.  If the area can not be thoroughly covered, or contact with anything which can not be permanently stained is unavoidable, use ALOE rather than CHLOROPHYLL.  Although a number of products contain aloe vera extracts, it is recommended to keep an aloe vera plant growing around the house, and break off a piece and apply the fresh juice when needed.





     This type of calcium is used when one needs increased levels of available calcium in the blood (rather than for preventing osteoporosis for which we recommend veal bone derived calcium in higher amounts.)  Conditions in which CALCIUM LACTATE is used include symptoms arising from excess sun exposure, itchy skin conditions such as hives, and muscle cramps, stiffness, and/or soreness such as occurs after exercise.  Many women have achieved considerable relief from menstrual cramps by taking up to one CALCIUM LACTATE every 15 minutes at the onset of cramps and one per hour after they begin to subside.  CALCIUM LACTATE is usually used in conjunction with VITAMIN F and HYDROCHLORIC ACID. (See below.)





     VITAMIN F is the general name given to all the essential fatty acids.  VITAMIN F helps to open the cell doors for calcium to get into our cells, especially in soft tissues like the skin, lips and tongue, and muscles.  Vitamin D and VITAMIN F are exact opposites in respect to calcium.  Many symptoms of too much sun (i.e., excess vitamin D) are really symptoms of VITAMIN F deficiency and low cellular calcium.


     Many women have been helped with hot flashes by taking a VITAMIN F product containing a little iodine for at least three to four weeks.




     HYDROCHLORIC ACID is normally made by the stomach.  HYDROCHLORIC ACID is available as products such as betaine hydrochloride or glutamic acid hydrochloride.  When calcium is needed, its absorption can be enhanced by acidifying the intestinal tract with HYDROCHLORIC ACID.  Also, many digestive symptoms such as bloating immediately after meals or pruritus ani (itchy rectum) indicate a need for more HYDROCHLORIC ACID.  HYDROCHLORIC ACID is usually given with CALCIUM LACTATE and VITAMIN F in the presence of tissue calcium deficiency symptoms as described below, but it can be eliminated if excess stomach acid production is a problem.


     HYDROCHLORIC ACID can be taken to help alleviate hay fever symptoms in many people.  When hay fever symptoms flare up, take at least one tablet with each meal or as often as one tablet per hour if no digestive symptoms (e.g., burning) occur.  Because it is an acid, HYDROCHLORIC ACID should NOT be chewed, and if sucked upon, only briefly, to avoid corrosion of the enamel of the teeth.


NOTE: About half of the people who have heartburn or symptoms of excess stomach acidity actually produce too much stomach acid. The other half of people with so-called "acid indigestion" actually require more HYDROCHLORIC ACID as discussed above.





     These three substances are used together, at a rate of  approximately 6 CALCIUM LACTATE, 3 to 6 VITAMIN F, and 3 HYDROCHLORIC ACID per day in the following common conditions:


1. Excess sun exposure symptoms (any)

2. Canker sores

3. Cold sores including oral herpes simplex, lip, cheek, and      tongue sores and ulcers

4. Genital herpes simplex

5. Sore muscles after exercise

6. Hives

7. General itchy skin

8. Pruritus ani (itchy rectum)





     Wheat germ oil contains natural sources of vitamin E which is an important antioxidant for our bodies.  It can be used by people who sunburn easily at about three WGO capsules per day for several days prior to exposure to sun to aid in preventing burning.  It does not allow you to overdo it, however.


     If a sunburn does occur, one should puncture WGO capsules with a pin and rub the oil over the areas of burn as soon after exposure as possible.  WGO can be used on other types of burns also.  Often, a "cooling" of the "hot" skin will be noticed within minutes of application.  Several applications may be necessary in bad sunburns.  Temporary oral use of WGO up to one per hour is also helpful in alleviating some of the symptoms of sunburn or other burns.


     WGO also contains natural hormone precursors and has been found useful in times of hormone imbalance, such as in skin problems of adolescence and menstrual irregularities. 





     RAW VEAL BONE products, especially those also containing manganese, are valuable in decreasing pain and increasing healing in sprains and fractures.  Amounts of up to one every fifteen minutes, continually being sucked upon, have helped decrease the pain following acute injuries in many people.   Amounts of six times a day are useful in aiding bone and ligament healing after the initial acute phase is over.