“This course had been a high point in my 26 years with AK. It has been a fantastic opportunity to learn and review the fundamental tools of AK, while at the same time exploring their modern clinical applications in a solid foundation of biochemistry and neurology.  The course is loaded with Monday morning-ready techniques. Dr. Schmitt continues to refine and evolve our understanding of human health and the unique role of AK. He continues to break new ground and refine old concepts in his uniquely heartful way.”   -Mats Gunnars, DC, Chicago, IL


“I have been in practice 28 years and have taken numerous classes from Wally.  He continues to amaze me how he takes the complexity of human physiology and neurology and breaks it down to a simplicity so that us ‘simpletons’ can go back to the realities of our practices and apply the knowledge on an everyday basis.  Thank you, Wally, for continuing to exercise your brain”   -James R. Baker, DC, Tryon, NC


“I have been in practice 25 years and had recently reached the point of burn out and boredom.  AK has rejuvenated me and my practice. I and my patients can see the results of testing and treatment not available with standard chiropractic. Dr. Schmitt is a great teacher who makes complicated subjects easier to understand, even if he is a Duke fan.”

-Peter H. Dyer, DC, Monticello, IN


“Over the last 23 years I have attended four 100 hour basic AK courses from different instructors. All have been unique and worthy of study.  Dr. Schmitt creates a pleasant environment for learning a dramatically different twist to the basic AK classes. His exceptional AK, neurology, and biochemistry knowledge is accurately relayed in an enjoyable and easily assimilated fashion.  The repertoire of useful tools he provides is absolutely outstanding.  Dr. Schmitt’s style has defined chiropractic in my practice and life.  I can’t say enough about my appreciation for Dr. Schmitt’s instruction.”

-Thomas Pusateri, DC, Barrington, IL


“Extremely enjoyable seminar.  After practicing 25 years, Dr. Schmitt brought an understanding why the body re-educates and rebuilds with proper treatment and nutrition.”   -Steve Hoffman, DC, Apex, NC


“Nearly 20 years ago I completed the original 100 hour AK course.  In retaking the course, I’ve had a wonderful opportunity. I’m not only getting back to the basics, but also advancing forward toward the cutting edge in AK. This was a great experience.”   -Lew Myers, DC, Valparaiso, IN