“I am extremely grateful for the knowledge acquired in this course.  The tools learned during this course are enhancing my practice and my patients’ lives. Thank you so much.”

-Margie Baum, DC, Wilmington, NC

“Excellent, informative class on topics and techniques that every practice can use.  Dr. Schmitt’s instruction and clinical experience are unsurpassed.  I plan to take it again.”

-Bill Sexton, DC, Reidsville, NC


“The 100 hour basic AK course is a totally complete technique that is taught exceptionally well by Dr. Schmitt: step-by-step and very well thought out.  It has helped me in my systematic check to re-balance my patients and increased the results in my practice.”

-Brian DeWire, DC, Paintsville, KY


“I was only able to attend 2 sessions as I just recently moved to NC.  I have been very pleased, albeit overwhelmed, by all the information presented.  I have already been able to use the AK Home Runs in my practice.  Please, please continue to offer this great course here in NC.”

-Heather K. Woodbury, DC, Morrisville, NC


“This course is a refreshing look at just how integrated the human body is.  It provides valuable tools for proper clinical assessment of patients who have been ‘everywhere else’ with no results. This course is informative and I think a must to be a great doctor/clinician, and also a must to provide patients with the best quality of life possible. Tying it all together is the hardest part.  Thanks for all your time and effort, Wally”

-Thomas McKay, DC, Laurinburg, NC


“I look forward to hearing Dr. Schmitt every year.  I can and have taken something from these seminars back to my patients on Monday and immediately applied helpful tools to improve their chances of maintaining their health (goals).  Please stay in NC.”

-Kirk Childers, DC, Durham, NC


“I don’t know how anyone practices without AK.”

-G.D. Chaplin, Chicago, IL


“To me this course brings chiropractic to a new level and is very mentally stimulating. It also seems to bring chiropractic and acupuncture together as a complete new science.”

-George E. Horner, DC, New Bern, NC


 “AK is an indispensable course. It should be observed by all chiropractors who are in current practice.”

-Eldee L. Brown, DC, Durham, NC


“Dr. Schmitt’s seminars are very clinical, exciting and useful in everyday practice.”

-Joohwan Ko, DC, Marina, CA





“You cover all the major conditions we face in a general practice”

“Clinically relevant”

“The topic is so fantastic and the speaker is awesome!”

“The material is taught in a very organized and efficient manner. The “AK Home Runs” are the best aspect of this course.”

“Please offer this again next year.  It is an awesome technique and will greatly help my patients.”

“Intellectual integrity.”

“This series is one of the best I’ve taken.”

 “Good new information for me.”

“I liked best the hands-on workshops, the material covered, and the clinical experience of the instructor”