“This is my first 100 hour course and Wally taught in a manner so I wasn’t lost.  Through talking with other students who attended AK seminars from other doctors, I realized Wally teaches above and beyond most others.  I feel I am really ready to attend the next 100 hours because I have gained a solid base in AK thanks to this seminar.”

-Tera Kay Hamo, student, Logan College


 “Dr. Walter Schmitt brings a wealth of information on the most valuable techniques for improving health of patients.  Best of all, his humble yet powerful approach to teaching combined with the openness and integrity of a true doctor surpass all the critical barriers to learning. I’ve never learned more or been more inspired in any other setting.”

-Justin Tossing, student, National University of Health Sciences


“A very good foundation that augments and enhances your education.”   -Paul Rieselman, student, NUHS


“The next-session reading list is excellent.”   -John Maher, student, Ponce Inlet, FL


“I have found Dr. Schmitt’s teachings and techniques to be easily applied in the clinic and highly effective.  His emphasis on key concepts and principles of functional neurology and biochemistry have also helped me to creatively work through more difficult cases.”   -Norman Suhu, student – University of Bridgeport